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 Isaac Soyer, 1902-1981
 Mandolin & Vase
Billy Packard's musical mission in life has been to master the world's most loved music, and share it with audiences everywhere. From age 9, when Billy first picked up an accordion, through later studies in guitar, piano, percussion and mandolin, he was enthralled by the classic, romantic music of the Western world.

His musical direction was greatly influenced by his early mandolin mentors, Ricardo Tunzi, Tony Flores, and Matio Casserino. These gifted musicians were Italian immigrants with whom Billy played guitar accompaniment.

Today as a seasoned musician, Billy caresses warm memories out of every string on his mandolin, and timeless beauty from each respectful arrangement of these lovely melodies written through the ages.

Billy's repertoire includes a wide range of musical styles -- from show tunes and Jazz standards -- to Polkas, Waltzes, and Tango -- to Bossa Nova, Samba and Choro. A light touch of Classical music graces some of his unique renditions. Stimulated by contemporary Northern California culture, Billy creates a unique blend of music that is at once inspiring, nostalgic, and toe-tapping.

"Billy Packard is one of the most talented and charismatic musical performers on the Central Coast."

-- Manuel Santana, owner, Jardines de San Juan Batista



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